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We are a group of General Practitioners based in Auckland, Christchurch and the Far North. Our regular patients are more than welcome to see us (Virtually or in person). For casual patients you are also welcome to see us on a casual basis. For ongoing long term care, we would recommend seeing your usual GP.

Our Staff

Dr Vansh Tangri, Clinical Director (Auckland)
Dr Ranche Johnson (Auckland)
Dr Genevieve Syed (Auckland)
Dr Yasser Gamal El Din (Auckland)
Dr Tamer Gamal El Din (Auckland)
Dr Paul Hercock (Christchurch)
Dr Christine IIg-Reiger (Northland)
Dr Derek Allen (Northland)
Miri Hohepa (Nurse- Auckland)
Tammy Cooney (Nurse- Auckland)
Marina Tait (Manager- Christchurch)
George Ngatai, QSM (Co-founder & Director)